Stuart Wood

Front-end Engineer


I'm a San Diego, CA based front-end engineer who has been designing/developing professionally for 3+ years. I have 7+ years experience in Digital Analytics and Marketing Tech in various roles including implementation, marketing, client services, and business development. Current competencies include React.js, responsive user interface component design, data visualization, and Vanilla JS SDKs. I value code-as-communication and strive to write well-documented, maintainable programs. I enjoy learning deeply and broadly, and strive to be 'T-shaped' in my knowledge.

I love being a developer because I have the privilege of spending my working hours creatively solving problems, learning, and engaging with really smart people.

In my free time I enjoy international travel, surfing, gardening, cooking, and trying out new restaurants/breweries. I also dabble in performing at open mics.

Work Samples

Below are some featured projects, with the option to search a larger catalog of samples

This Portfolio | React

Written in React, uses Elasticlunr.js for search. Built with Gatsby, deployed with Netlify

React Search

React Kanban

Written in React, features drag / drop behavior data persistence via localStorage

React drag and drop UI

React Incident Dashboard

Written in React, features responsive design. Dashboard provides users way to filter data in a table by clicking UI cards

React Responsive UI

React Covid-19 Hackathon Project

Written in React + Gatsby, Netflify, Firebase. Proof of concept attempt

React Gatsby

React Responsive Dashboard

An exercise in creating responsive layouts in React with scalable component styling. Utilizes Flexbox & Chart.js

Data Viz React Responsive

Elle Front-end Component Library

Written in vanilla JS, HTML, and SCSS this library utilizes Hugo Giraudel's 7-1 Sass architecture. I contributed the buttons, cards, scrollspy, and long search editor.


Drag & Drop Puzzle

HTML5 jigsaw puzzle that utilizes the HTML Drag and Drop API. Puzzle includes timer, multiple difficulty levels, and completion animation

UI HTML CSS Mock-up Game Drag and Drop

UI Component - Query Editor

Component allows user to expand and edit search query once it grows beyond the bounds of its input box

UI HTML SCSS JavaScript UI Component Open Source

UI Component - Minimalist Carousel

Component utilizes CSS transitions to smoothly hide an image and expose another

UI HTML SCSS JavaScript UI Component Open Source Transitions

Vanilla JavaScript Form w/Validation

Without modifying the HTML, manipulate a form to include validation and mock a JSON request. No 3rd party libraries or bleeding edge features allowed. Focus is on JS not on CSS. I used the revealing module pattern to create a public interface for the app

DOM Partial Page Updates JSON Document Fragment Module

Student Site (2017)

My responsive portfolio site completed in 2017. Designed and built w/out templates or boilerplate. BEM-like CSS naming convention, Gulp for build, SASS/SCSS

DOM BEM gulp sass scss